A trip to see the sunflowers


This morning I went with a friend to see a field of sunflowers not far from where we live. The field has attracted alot of social media attention and it looked so beautiful we thought it was worth a visit.


They were so beautiful and there were lots of people there admiring them and lots of children butterfly-spotting.

There is also a wildflower area, planted to attract pollinators and it was just teeming with insects, bees and butterflies (it was a warm sunny morning today).




The farm is on the outskirts of a little village in Co Antrim called Portglenone and there are information and directions are available on the NI Explorer website.

There is a £2 charge per adult (£1 for children I think) and the money raised is donated to charity (Macmillan).

There is a short window to see the flowers so if you want to visit better get there soon!



7 Summer Goals – Update #3

  1. Publish 1 blog post, minimum, a week. Achieved.
  2. Read 4 novels … 2 per month.  I read so much less than I used to due to the fact that I trawl through the news, social media etc when I go to bed so that by the time I finish all this I manage maybe 3 or 4 pages of my novel and then I start to fall asleep. I used to find myself still reading at 2 or 3 am and now I can hardly stay awake until midnight. I’m currently re-reading Chocolat as I am going to read the trilogy which I din’t know existed until last week. Achieved –  I read Lullaby and The Lollipop Shoes in July and I have moved on to the 3rd novel in the Chocolat trilogy which is Peaches for Monsieur le Cure. 
  3. Finish painting the hall, stairs and landing as I only started it in October. Fail – however, I will be resuming it today!
  4. Deep clean 1 room per week (I have started the dining room but I ended up having to go through paperwork looking for a letter and ended up burning and recycling 1 bin bag of paper which I am really pleased about. Fail – but I plan to start our bedroom this week as I think the weather might be showery so I might have to stay indoors.
  5. Turn the boys playhouse into my she-shed/workspace – I have been ‘given’ the playhouse by my 10 year old as he’s now too cool/mature/x-box obsessed to use it much. No progress with this one – this might have to be a winter/next year project.
  6. List 2 pieces of jewellery to sell per week. I have started making jewellery with the sea glass I have amassed.  Success – I currently have 8 necklaces and 2 keyrings on listed for sale ebay.
  7. Throw out, recycle or donate 5 things per week. Success – 5 music books, 2 swimsuits and 1 pair of football boots listed on ebay. I am ging to head into the roofspace next week and start going through all the books stored there and sell those with no sentimental value, that will probably not be read again.

Art in the Garden

20190627113024_IMG_2209.JPG                                                         Soul Sisters by Bob Quinn

At the end of June my brother and I were lucky enough to get a chance to go and see a fabulous sculpture exhibition that was held at the fabulous Culloden Hotel just outside Belfast. I had read about the exhibition somewhere and we both were free so off we went after dropping the boys off to school.


The Letter by Bob Quinn with fabulous views over the lough.

We made a quick detour to IKEA as it was on the way. We just had a quick look around the homeware section downstairs as the main reason for visiting was to try the vegan hotdogs (brother is a vegan). We both tried one and they were tasty and at less than a pound (I can’t remember exactly how much they cost), very good value. He thought they were so nice he went back and got another one lol. So, breakfast eaten, we headed to the Culloden.

The main event was fabulous. It was a beautiful bright, sunny and hot day which totally enhanced our visit. The Culloden is a 5 star hotel and spa on the outskirts of Belfast, on the way to Bangor, so it is easily accessible. It is in a beautiful location with fantastic views out to Belfast Lough and the grounds are beautiful so it made a fantastic setting for a sculpture exhibition.


Sanctuary by Bob Quinn

There were lots of exhibits and they were well spaced out throughout the grounds so we were able to get a good uninterrupted look at them all.




Since writing this post I think my favourite artist exhibiting was Bob Quinn. Unfortunately my budget didn’t stretch far enough to purchase one. Maybe one day ..

Wild Donegal

Where we go to in Donegal is very much off the beaten track and is right beside the sea. There are no shops or supermarkets nearby. There are no pubs or restaurants nearby. There is no electricity or WiFi.

There are, however, wildflowers and insects. There are hermit crabs and jellyfish.

I love it there and completely switch off, relax and explore. We often hear about how important the connection with nature is for our mental health. I get that connction there in bucketloads.

I was there at the weekend and here are some photos.

The Locals

The Wildflowers


The Views